Martha Valenta

The words, “We won’t pay for an artist to go to school.” led Martha from her dreams of a Fine Arts degree to one in Graphic Communications. It was a compromise which allowed her to sort of pursue artwork.

Those design skills in combination with a fearless approach to front-end code, and deep empathy made her a sought-after human-centered designer. But, all the while she’s been sketching more than wireframes and business plans. She’s been quietly sketching, photographing, and painting anything and everything that touches her heart. 


This off-hours activity has finally come into the sunshine thanks to the encouragement from her husband, and fellow artist, Tim Meehan. Martha uses paint liberally, adding several shades of a particular color to reveal the complexity.

Martha approaches fine art similarly to how she approaches experience design. Her process with commission clients is to meet with the people who will frequently encounter the artwork in the place where the piece will be displayed. This process allows her to gain a deeper understanding of the desired experience for everyone and everything involved. 


She is generous with her works, often creating custom pieces and donating them to area charitable auctions, or donating 100% of the sales from a given original to an area charity. 


Series Inspiration: Things I Can’t Eat
Thanks to a health condition, Martha has been channeling her foodie dreams onto the canvas in this collection of delicious things she can't eat.


All artwork © 2018 I Need That Art 

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