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Martha Valenta

Martha Valenta (b. 1973) is an American contemporary artist focused on Postmodernism, Pop Art, Conceptual Art, Appropriation Art, and Digital Art with references to Abstract Expressionism, all via mixed media painting, sculpture, and interactive installation. 


Martha began painting seriously as a child. She spent weekends in private art lessons. And, whenever possible, she enjoyed observing her aunt (Betty Vatterott) and others at Don Weigand’s sculpture studio. 

Under immense pressure from her parents, Martha put aside fine art (at least publicly) for several years, focusing instead on Graphic Design and User Experience.

In 2017, thanks to the suggestion of her husband, artist Tim Meehan, she founded I Need That Art studio/gallery and resumed her public pursuit of fine art. 

She has shown in juried gallery exhibitions and has pieces installed in personal collections in the United States and Europe.

Her art themes have included: 

  • Pop art, mixed media paintings exploring food as a luxury item

  • Conceptual sculptures seeking joy in everyday life

  • Abstract expressions of emotion leveraging items found in nature


Series Inspiration: Things I Can’t Eat
Thanks to a health condition, Martha has been channeling her foodie dreams onto the canvas in this collection of delicious things she can't eat.
- Pop Art, 
Conceptual Art

Series Inspiration: Luxury Foods

Exploring food as a luxury. This began due to a health issue. But, over the years that she’s been exploring this, she’s recognized that food is a luxury to all sorts of people. On one end of the spectrum, there are very wealthy models and actors who must limit their food intake to stay fit for work. On another end of the spectrum, there are entire families who are food insecure. And, in-between there are folks who have all sorts of health issues that make their relationship with the foods they'd like to eat complicated. She’s paired delicious junk foods with high-end fashion brands to express how indulgent these foods can be.
- Pop Art, 
Appropriation Art, Conceptual Art


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