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I Need That Art Gallery Presents: Animal House - A Wild Celebration of Art Inspired by Animals


[Clayton, Missouri June 2, 2023] – Prepare to embark on a whimsical journey through the enchanting world of animals at I Need That Art Gallery’s much-anticipated exhibition, Animal House. This vibrant showcase of artistry will feature the captivating works of Cara VL, Courtney Baker, and exceptional artists whose creations will transport you into a realm of boundless imagination.


Cara VL’s pieces will sweep you away into a rustic dreamscape, where muted tones and exaggerated long legs bring animals to life in a truly unique way. Her art captures the essence of these magnificent creatures, offering a glimpse into their world through her intricate brushstrokes and remarkable attention to detail. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the rustic charm that emanates from Cara VL’s masterpieces.


On the other hand, Courtney Baker’s pieces will ignite your senses with their neon, fauvism-inspired pop art. Prepare to be dazzled as her vibrant colors and bold brushwork bring animals to life in a symphony of hues. From neon lions to electric dolphins, Courtney’s artworks will transport you to a world where animals radiate energy and excitement. Her creations embody the joy and vibrancy of the animal kingdom, inviting you to revel in their exuberant presence.


Nestled along Clayton's Designer’s Row inside The Designing Block, at 7735 Clayton Rd., I Need That Art Gallery offers the perfect setting to showcase these extraordinary works. Immerse yourself in the artistic energy of this unique space, where creativity thrives and artistic expression flourishes. The gallery’s location in this vibrant community serves as a testament to the dedication of Martha Valenta, the gallery owner, to provide a platform for artists to shine.


Animal House promises not only an incredible visual experience but also a chance to engage with art lovers and enthusiasts. Stay up-to-date with the latest events, including exhibition details, by visiting the I Need That Art website, Facebook page, Instagram, and Eventbrite.


For more information about Animal House and I Need That Art Gallery, please contact Martha Valenta, Gallery Owner, at 314-517-2283 or Additional details can be found at



About I Need That Art Gallery:

I Need That Art Gallery is a dynamic art space committed to showcasing exceptional contemporary artworks from a diverse range of emerging and established artists. By providing a platform for creative expression, the gallery aims to foster artistic dialogue and connect artists with art enthusiasts and collectors. Located at the heart of Designer’s Row, I Need That Art Gallery is a hub of inspiration and creativity.


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Martha Valenta

Gallery Owner

I Need That Art Gallery




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