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Tim Meehan

Tim Meehan (b. 1964) started off in the movie industry, working on hundreds of feature films over the years. “I’ve always seen things within things.”, says artist Tim Meehan. 

When he turned to art full-time 15 years ago, he liked the idea of telling an entire story in one frame. 


Tim layers a variety of mediums to create texture and depth. His comfort with materials such as wood and plaster, which one might associate with the construction, is rooted in the great experiences he had working with his father who taught Industrial Arts. The deliberate lines in his work, sometimes painted, sometimes etched, either add onto or dig into those layers of materials. 


His pieces adorn homes and businesses from Los Angeles and Portland to New York City with heavy concentrations in Phoenix, St. Louis, and Chicago.

2010 - present
2010 - present
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